William Shatner, a beloved actor, received terrible news.

The well-known actor has spoken about his difficult health condition and the moment he found out he was suffering from prostate cancer.

William Shatner is an actor and musician who is known for his roles in famous films and series. One of his most famous roles is Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek television series. He was enjoying the best moments of his career when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

He was constantly in pain and decided to have a medical checkup. According to him, this news is one of the worst news he has received in his entire life. Open below to see full articie👇

His illness had worsened and this was endangering his health. He had made many plans for life, which were changed within a day. At that moment, he found out that his life was in danger and began to fear death.

He has tried to enjoy every moment of his life to the maximum, but again he was convinced that he still had not lived all the things he wanted. He says that it was difficult for him when he found out that he was suffering from cancer. Open below to see full articie👇

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