What Sean Hannity does off-camera is a mystery to views – until now. The Fox News host was caught on camera sucking on a vaporizer when he thought his show was on commercial break. Many people use vapes to consume tobacco products. However, vaporizers are increasingly popular among maruana smokers, and vape cartridges are easily available at many maruana dispensaries – in states that have legalized the sale of the plant.

Hannity was caught using a vape when the cameras came back on after his show’s commercial break. The host thought he had enough time to get one more hit of his vaporizer before resuming the show, but he was wrong and was caught in the act of vaping on Fox News. Someone on the set of the show managed to get Hannity’s attention, and the host quickly put aside the vape and resumed the program.

Meanwhile, Hannity has tried to downplay the incident. Nevertheless, other Fox News hosts are not letting him live it down. Fellow presenter, Laura Ingraham, teased Hannity about getting caught sucking on a vape by calling it “cute.” She added:

“Oh wait, am I on camera right now?” Ingraham teased as she drank from a water bottle. “Oh, hi.”

She added, “It happens to the best of us, Hannity. I mean, those little moments are cute, those are in the forever reel of the real Hannity — like, we want to know you.”

Watch the video below:


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