Social media users are aghast after new photos of King Charles III showcase the monarch with a bizarre feature. In the now-viral photo, the king’s fingers look swollen and unhealthy, leading some people to question whether King Charles III is healthy enough to reign as monarch of the United Kingdom. Although critics are not sure about the health of King Charles III, others believe that his swollen fingers signify little other than the fact that he had a busy day.

In the viral photo of the new king, Charles III was captured holding his hands in front of his jacket. He seems to be touching his two index fingers together and is wearing a golden ring on his pinkie finger. The ring appears to be too small for the king’s swollen digits, which drew a number of comments from users on Reddit where the photo appeared. The post of the king’s fingers was uploaded to Reddit with the simple caption “The Kings fingers” without the apostrophe. The post received more than fifteen thousand upvotes as well as thousands of comments from people across the entire globe.

Sources: Awm

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