Jacqueline Kennedy was a beloved First Lady known for more than just her fashion sense. She supported her husband, President John F. Kennedy, during his campaign, and was a caring role model for her children despite facing personal challenges.

Her granddaughter, Rose Kennedy Schlossberg, shares her love for the arts and looks a lot like her. While Rose has been involved in campaigns, she hasn’t pursued a career in politics like some of her relatives.

Rose is a talented writer and creator, just like her grandmother. She even made a comedy series inspired by Hurricane Sandy and the need for better preparedness.

Rose was close to her grandmother, who she called “Grand Jackie.” She also experienced a deep loss when her uncle, John F. Kennedy Jr., died in a plane crash.

Recently, Rose reportedly got married to Rory McAuliffe, whom she met while working at the Kennedy compound.

Looking at photos of Rose, it’s clear she resembles her grandmother, continuing Jacqueline Kennedy’s legacy.


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