Before becoming famous on screens, Kelly McGillis started out as a waiter. Despite facing personal struggles with dr**s and alcohol, she kept acting. She even taught acting and worked at a rehab center.

After divorcing her rich husband, Kelly McGillis chose to work less so she could spend time with her kids.

Kelly McGillis (65) is fine with her age and doesn’t care about Hollywood’s obsession with youth. She didn’t get a role in the new “Top Gun” movie because she doesn’t want cosmetic surgery.

Kelly McGillis struggled with relationships and eventually came out as a lesbian. She was married to Melanie Leis, who used to work at a restaurant McGillis owned with her ex-husband.

McGillis started questioning her s**uality when she was twelve. Fame brought her panic attacks and made her unhappy.

We wish Kelly McGillis the best and admire her for standing up to Hollywood’s beauty standards. We hope to see more of her work in the future.

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