Three comedic legends – Tim Conway, Harvey Korman and Carol Burnett – bring the laughs in a hilarious Carol Burnett Show sketch about a cramped office.

Before the pandemic changed forever how and where people work, nearly everyone went into a physical office to do their job. However, instead of going into an office every day, many people do their work remotely, working from the friendly confines of their homes.

Working from home, like everything else, has its advantages and disadvantages. But one of the biggest advantages of working from a remote, home office is the space it allows people. No one has to work right on top of one another because coworkers are literally spread out – around the country and maybe even around the world.

In a clip posted on YouTube, Carol, Tim and Harvey demonstrate in the most hysterical way possible the issues with trying to fit too many people in a small, tight working area. But those three aren’t the only members of the talented Carol Burnett Show cast who make an appearance in the sketch, all get involved. Vicki Lawrence pops in and out of the office, playing the boss.

The sketch begins with Carol and Harvey arriving at the beginning of their workday. But seconds after their arrival, something is off about this situation. Carol and Harvey work in an office designed to house one person. However, while working together for 20 years in that location, Carol and Harvey have made things work.

Tim arrives minutes into the sketch as a brand-new hire, adding one more person to the already cramped and tightly compact office. To get to his seat, Tim hilariously struggles, climbing on and over the office furniture.

How Tim, Carol and Harvey kept from laughing had to have been a monumental chore. Tim is beaten in the face repeatedly by a typewriter, and Harvey never cracks a smile! Also, before the classic skit ends, Tim gets slammed in the face by a filing cabinet.


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