Ice Road Truckers, a popular TV series from 2007 to 2017, wasn’t known for its female drivers. But Lisa Kelly changed that. Born in 1980 in Michigan, Lisa’s journey began early. After trying college, she explored various jobs, eventually finding her passion in freestyle motocross.

Joining Ice Road Truckers in 2009, Lisa became a fan favorite. She braved treacherous terrains for three seasons and even ventured into the Himalayas. Her furry co-pilot, Ramor Jackson, added charm to her adventures.

Lisa’s departure in season six left fans curious. Some speculated the toll of fame, but Lisa returned for season seven. She briefly worked for a fellow trucker’s company, showing her adaptability.

After the show, Lisa’s life shifted. She moved on from Carlile but stayed true to her route, spanning 1,500 miles from Kenai to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska. Lisa’s solo journeys, lasting 30-35 hours, showcase her endurance.

Despite the show’s end, Lisa remains active. With 18,700 Instagram followers, she shares her trucking life through vlogs. She now drives a Freightliner Coronado, suited for severe conditions. Lisa’s resilience extends beyond the road. She embraces minimalism, simplifying her life.

Lisa’s adventures aren’t just on the road. She indulges in horseback riding, motorcycling, and mounted archery. Lisa and her husband, Travis, live a low-profile life in Alaska with their furry companions.

Brand endorsements and merchandise sales add to Lisa’s success, with an estimated net worth of $500,000. Her journey from Ice Road Truckers to thriving adventurer inspires resilience and reinvention.

Lisa Kelly’s story reminds us that daring careers can lead to unexpected paths. As fans, we’re captivated by her resilience and applaud her journey, eager for more adventures ahead.


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